The OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit Project

This project implements several USB device drivers for the OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit device by Open Systems Resources Inc (OSR) on several operating systems. The intent is to allow USB driver developers compare and contrasts the different operating system driver development environments or frameworks.

Currently this project supports three operating systems:

  • Linux 2.6 Kernel-mode driver. [Ubuntu-LTS and Fedora Core-5]

  • FreeBSD 6.1 User-mode driver. [ugen-based]

  • Mac OS-X 10.4.8 User-mode driver. [Kernel-mode driver under development]

In addition to the drivers, each of the above supported operating systems has a minimun application suite. This allows these drivers and applications to be compared to those written by OSR.

  • osrbulk a simple bulk-transfer application.
  • osrfx2 a simple application to get/set the LEDs and switches on the device.

In some case, such as with Linux, additional support has been added to illustrate how the device can be accessed via shell scripts.

OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit photo

Some background infomation about the OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit

The Learning Kit board was developed by Open Systems Resources Inc.(OSR) as part of a teaching aid for their suite of classes teaching Windows kernel-mode driver development. The general goal is to let students actually build a fully functional USB driver during the course of the tutorial.

I would like to thank OSR, especially Peter Viscarola, for allowing this me to cite to their support pages. There is no affiliation between this project and Open Systems Resources Inc. All information used in the development of this project was freely available at OSR's web sites.

Useful feedback is appreciated

I am really hoping to receive some feedback. The scope of this project is rather large, covering three operating systems, and I know I haven't nailed down all the loose ends. Documentation is pretty thin at this point, but it is my full intention to provide some kind of write-up.

If you see coding issues or have other questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

This is just the start...

This is just the initial layout of the web-based info...more will come as time permits. Right now I am just trying to get the layout put together.

If you know of a web site with information relevant to the theme of this project, I would appreciate it if you send me its link.

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